Over the last 50 some years I have had some diverse occupations, after getting kicked out of art school I joined the Navy, after leaving the Navy I did a variety of odd jobs including trying my hand at building banjos. I did some carpentry and cabinetmaking and a few wood carving jobs and even made redwood hot tubs for awhile. On the side I did some editorial cartoons for a local paper. After taking some art classes I worked for a gift company as a designer then Art director, then by the time I was 50 I started another career working at a game company using 3D Studio Max for the next 15 years. The last 10  or so years I did some odd 3D rendering jobs, mostly doing Architectural renderings.  Now that I am in my 70’s I am getting back to working in traditional mediums, getting my hands dirty and having a “non-virtual” item that I can hold.