In-Game and Concept Videos From Stormfront Studios Days

Video Game Samples

This is my Demo Reel of my work

This is an “Attract” Video which plays automatically once the game is loaded, but not immediately played, sometimes used in stores to attract attention to the game. It was made up of  captured gameplay and I took the clips and edited this together.

Here are some environments I made for Hyrdo Thunder Hurricane

This was a test to see how we could take game characters rendered from the game engine and create a 2D storybook look.

This is a “rip-o-matic”, a term we gave to this style of previsualization where we take images from various sources to show the look and feel as well as the proposed game play for a game that would be pitched to a possible client.
I had gathered the source and edited it using After Effects

This is another previsualization video of a game proposal where we created some game assets which I gathered together and created this cinematic, alas it did not get picked up